The Agony/Actasy of on-line flight ‘deals’

Why on-line flight and vacation deals can be a problem and tips to avoid them:

1)Flight ‘deals’ are available for a limited number/dates of departures.

2)Stick to your vacation plan: it’s common to be distracted at a deal on Tahiti when you have been planning to go to Italy for years…

3) Keep separate lists for domestic & international destinations. New Orleans is less expensive, less travel time, easier to get away on short notice, than a 2 week venture to Hong Kong with the ‘buy now’ or ‘only 4 seats left’ scenario.

4) Focus on departure cities: How far will you go to get a deal? Paris for $350.00 is unheard of, but getting to Philadelphia or Boston may be a logistical problem.

5) Watch for scams, please. Even booking sights that look familiar may “send” your transaction into the hands of third- party sellers -who later, will have no record of your reservation-yikes!

6) Work with your travel advisor; they know the suppliers and sources and deal with airlines directly for the honest and best pricing, on your behalf

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