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27 years in the tour and travel industry. We are a full service tour operator, receptive operator and retail travel agency. Our passion is in the heart, where the Good Lord led me many years ago. Try finding yours; hope to see you on the plane, train, coach, or world heritage site. I will see that passion in your eyes.

We’re Back to Travel Again!

Welcome to a brand new travel year. Customers and friends are ready to go and we’re ready to help. If your hesitant about overseas travel, we offer awesome and custom short trips that are within driving distance of your home , in the US.

Take the kids, the grandkids, the dog and get outa’ town with Montague Tour Design. Call for creative suggestions close to home. Cheers!

Polynesian Culture Center; Must visit while in Hawaii

On your next Hawaii Vacation, we’ll book you on the North Shore of Hawaii. Visit 6 island nations without a passport: Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii and Aotearoa. Authentic dance and music, with native interpreters from those island nations that influenced the settlement of the Hawaiian Islands. Practice Aloha daily in your life and call me for a memorable and custom trip to Hawaii

Travel As A Way to Stay Healthy and Happy & Young

Samual Clemons (aka Mark Twain said it best) to paraphrase:

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.
Can’t think of a better way to get healthy; take a deep breath, and see the rest of the world outside your comfort zone.
Bon Yoyage

Travel Insurance Questions Answered

Many clients have questions about Trip Cancellation vs Trip Interruption;

Here are the differences:

Trip Cancellation policy is a plan that will reimburse the traveler if the trip must be called off before departure due to covered reasons. These reasons will typically include a death or illness in the family, a medical issue diagnosed by a physician that prohibits travel, jury duty or other legal mandate, or adverse weather conditions at the destination or at home. With Trip Cancellation coverage, reimbursement rates will be up to 100% of non-refundable and pre-paid trip expenses for these and other reasons specified in the policy. An example of this type of trip protection put to use would be if weather conditions, such as a hurricane, required canceling flights to the destination for a considerable length of time, causing the entire trip to be called off.

Trip Interruption policy is a plan that will cover expenses incurred by the traveler if the trip must be cut short (after it has begun), and generally reimburses up to 150% of the pre-paid and non-refundable costs of the trip that will go unused and the extra costs to get you home at the last minute. With this type of coverage, the reasons for the interruption must be covered by the policy and are usually the same as those listed in Cancellation plans. Additional reasons a Trip Interruption policy would come into effect include accidents or illnesses that occur during the trip, a dangerous political environment developing while at the destination, and weather conditions that require mandatory evacuations. For instance, if an insured traveler learned during the course of the trip that a close family member had been hospitalized, the trip protection plan would cover the cost of an earlier return flight home and reimburse for any nonrefundable and prepaid expenses planned for the remainder of the trip.
It is very important for the insured to be familiar with the specific terms of any travel insurance.

The Agony/Actasy of on-line flight ‘deals’

Why on-line flight and vacation deals can be a problem and tips to avoid them:

1)Flight ‘deals’ are available for a limited number/dates of departures.

2)Stick to your vacation plan: it’s common to be distracted at a deal on Tahiti when you have been planning to go to Italy for years…

3) Keep separate lists for domestic & international destinations. New Orleans is less expensive, less travel time, easier to get away on short notice, than a 2 week venture to Hong Kong with the ‘buy now’ or ‘only 4 seats left’ scenario.

4) Focus on departure cities: How far will you go to get a deal? Paris for $350.00 is unheard of, but getting to Philadelphia or Boston may be a logistical problem.

5) Watch for scams, please. Even booking sights that look familiar may “send” your transaction into the hands of third- party sellers -who later, will have no record of your reservation-yikes!

6) Work with your travel advisor; they know the suppliers and sources and deal with airlines directly for the honest and best pricing, on your behalf

Celeb Touts the value of booking with a Travel Advisor

you don’t have to be a fan of Jimmy Fallon, but he is very well-respected in the industry. Thank you, Jimmy: quoted at the opening of the new Volcano Park in Florida this week(3-2-17)

And there was even a nod to travel agents. “Of course I use a travel agent. Travel agents get you the best rooms and the best rates,” Jimmy said when asked by TMR. “I was friends with a travel agent growing up in Saugerties, NY; I’ve used a travel agent my whole life. I don’t even know how to book my own trip.”

TSA Precheck Updates February 2017

As of this month, passengers not registered with the TSA Pre-check program, (paying the $85 dollar fee and processing your application at an official TSA office) will find less, and less TSA precheck logos on their boarding passes. This means, back to the long line to remove coat, shoes belts, coins, laptops, etc. No matter if you are a member of an airline’s frequent flyer program. TSA pre-check offices are nation-wide so go and get your Known Traveler Number soon and get back in the approved line at your gate

January 2017 Best booking month for travel ever

Everyone deserves a vacation, and don’t be trying to find 2 weeks when you can leave your job, or the kids, or mom and dad, or the dog or cat. Take a day or two off and head for the next town where there is likely to be history and a good B&B offering a glass of wine when you check in, and a fabulous breakfast the next morning. Now that is a great vacation!

Workers spend a year on the road

My idea of this is for those workers who don’t take their well-earned and paid vacation time, can be sent around the world to places where their employers have locations or customers.
Working vacation? Or not. Regardless, this , at least gets people out of their chairs, cubicles and away from their electronic devices-at least in route, part of the time to their destinations.

If this is what it takes to get your employee out of town for awhile, I am all for it .