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Concierge Service

Our  years of experience in booking the best restaurants, tours, flights and  accommodation, and of fulfilling essential but tricky visa arrangements is available to all of our clients; Groups, or individuals.  No matter your budget. You may be looking to book a weekend getaway  or a full-blown holiday with the family, we have just the right combination for you (and your budget)

From Diane:

“We are there from “here” while you are traveling. The ‘what ifs’ come up all the time and you need a person that passionately cares about her clients’ welfare and comfort. Because we support totally local restaurants, hotels, tour sites and cool neighborhoods around the globe-you will feel special everywhere you are, because you are special our “V.I.P” Very Important Passenger.

I spend, on average 45-50 days each year completing on-site inspections and travel research, as well as making reliable contacts in regions we recommend to our clients. How else could we assure  credibility and customization  without traveling there to secure the safety, the logistics, the fun, the EXPERIENCE!

‘No’ is not a word in our vocabulary. If the restaurant we booked for you has not honored your reservation, we are there with options in that neighborhood for a fine local meal-always . If you get bumped by the airline for (all sorts of reasons can come up); we will find overnight lodging and meal options  for a comfy night before your next days’s flight. We always encourage the purchase of travel insurance for this very reason. If the hotel (and we always contact the hotel the day you are scheduled to check-in to assure all is ready) has lost the reservation-the second phone call (after your’s to me) is to that hotel manager  reminding them of the confirmed reservation and to take care of my clients.” I am here to help–always.” 1-816-616-2336