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Receptive Services For Our Group Leaders & Bank Travel Executives

For over 17 years, we have been an inbound receptive operator for the Central Midwest. This is a full-service product and service. We research -on-site all of our product. We package and price the product for day tours, multi-day and extended itineraries.

Diane has over 30 years in the travel industry:

“Before starting my own company in 2000, I gained over 10 years experience working in the hotel industry for Westin (now Starwood/Marriott ) Hotels in Kansas City and Atlanta, Georgia . We know the ins and outs of the hotel and the tour and travel industry.”

Montague Tour Design benefit: “We customize all itineraries based on the group’s interest”

All itineraries are researched on site. We dine in the restaurants, we stay in the hotels or bed/ breakfasts, we screen and interview step on guides, entertainers and tour sites. You can’t have a better partner to insure a successful fulfillment of your group itinerary”

This is our exclusive product and offered as a service for our out of town clients, that do not or cannot invest in time and travel cost to do this work on their own. All our group itineraries are customized for each client. We find activities, tours, step -on guides (dressed in character) truly local restaurants and entertainment that our clients cannot find on their own, because we are local and constantly research the region to update and find new travel treasures to update and refresh the itineraries . This is important when the client wants to return to the same place, but experience that place in a whole new way.

Montague Tour Design benefit: “We are a home-based travel adviser which keeps the tour cost and expenses  within our clients’ budgets”

We stay in the hotels, dine in the restaurants, interview the guides and entertainers and more to insure your tour is not -cookie-cutter-but-is-original-and-appropriate. Themes help sell itineraries, and the inclusions complement and give life to the tours.


Montague Tour Design benefit: “We support and include unique & local businesses in the itinerary which provides an authentic experience-especially in cuisine, for our clients”.

Service includes, booking all reservations: transportation, tours, meals, lodging, step-on guides (all local) local contacts, directions and final itineraries that include;

-Escort notes for the entire route

-Local on-site contacts

-Menus included in the itinerary

-Emergency information for the location: hospitals, pharmacies, local law enforcement and more

-Complete directions and routing updated to 12 hours prior to arrival. Call me today for samples of our unique  itineraries for Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Kentucky